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MOSES: An application for the detection of semantic elements from CAD floor plans


MOSES (Modeler of Semantics) is a software tool that includes research algorithms related to the detection of semantics from CAD architectural floor plans. This tool has two main goals: On one hand, it is used as a testing ground to make easier to deploy new algorithms or debug visually the existing ones; on the other hand, it will allow professional users (architects, engineers, etc.) to process and reconstruct buildings. Among the geometric algorithms included in this application, they can be found:
  • Wall detection
  • Detection of joints between doors, windows and walls
  • Detection of closed spaces (rooms, stays and corridors)
  • Export of 3D models including semantics, in different formats (X3D, COLLADA, CityGML)
  • Search for floor plan contours and creation of solids using triple extrusion
Besides the described functionality, this tool has been developed using elements and techniques that assist its usability and scalability:
  • This tool allows to load DXF files of architectural floor plans, navigate them and visualize the content of their layers.
  • The user can load/save building reconstruction projects and undo/redo the edition actions
  • From a developer's point of view, the tool uses design patterns that allow to implement and debug visually new algorithms by means of reusing code: defining which element from the interface launches the algorithm, what graphical elements it produces as output, and which steps of the algorithm have to be debugged step by step

How to get the application

Any person or institution interested into getting the tool can address to

Application snapshots

Some snapshots are shown below.

Application video

Finally a video of the application and the obtained 3D models is shown.


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